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Writing Challenge: 30 Days | 30 Posts

Hydrangeas | Love81Film | Lotus Lens
Hydrangeas | Love81Film | Lotus Lens

Yes, no, maybe

It’s in my nature to be highly inconsistent. I cancel at the last minute or start a project and never finish or dress funky for a few weeks then for month dress like I’m doing an homage to GAP. I’ll tell my husband I’m going to the gym but on my way there I’ll go to the grocery store instead, because I decided we needed milk. One of my most inconsistent traits is my weight: lose 10, gain 20 then lose 20 and gain 10. I never seem to lose it all the way. I know many people are like this but it fits with the theme of my life and that is what I want to change. Perhaps my inconsistency is part of my charm? (No, I’m not buying it either). Or, perhaps it’s more likely that it’s kept me from achieving my goals. So, I’m going to steer this inconsistency to a more stable path that will hopefully get me somewhere. In doing so, I’ll be writing and posting here once a day for 30 days, working out for 30 days and taking one photo a day with my Hipstamatic app.

Why those 3 goals?

Writing is my passion. I have to do it whether I’m good or bad or somewhere in between. I have these thoughts that have to get on the page or they’ll slowly pick away at me until I go crazy. I’ll be working on other projects (I’m writing 3 scripts!) and keeping a daily handwritten journal but I wanted a place where there would be accountability. I was also inspired by my friend Tracy who spent a year of months trying new things or trying to do one thing consistently. I don’t know what I’ll be writing about so the topics might be a little inconsistent.

Working out is simply because I need to lose more weight and be healthy.

Photography is my other passion and balances out the words on the page with the images in my mind. I love the Hipstamatic app but I haven’t used it in a couple of years. I stopped using it when my husband and I moved back to Houston after spending three amazing years in Seattle. In Seattle, it was easy to find beautiful images to shoot. In Houston, it’s more of a challenge because I’ve had this long-standing love/hate relationship with my home town. It’s gray cement and steel and glass. It’s industrial. It’s cars and noise and strip malls. But this city is changing and I want to capture this revitalization and learn to see my city in a new way.


Put down 2 words on a page and calling that a day of writing or doing 5 minutes on the treadmill at the gym and calling that a workout won’t fit the bill. I knew I had to meet certain criteria or after a few days even picking up the pen might be considered writing. I know myself. I have to write at least 500 words per blog post, spend an hour at the gym or some other workout (walking my dog, hiking, tennis, etc) and take one picture a day with the app.


I expect to fail.  I also don’t want to live up to my own expectations. I know the value and satisfaction of completing a challenge and I want to feel that glory at the end of 30 days. Today is the first day. This is the blog post and my Hipstamatic image is above. I’m off to the gym! See you tomorrow.




  1. A thousands times like! Cheering you on from over here…even if I’ve been so busy being inconsistent myself this past week to get to reading your posts before now. But I’m on it…reading, listening, waving my pompoms. You can do it!! 🙂

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