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Try not. Do.

IMG_1652No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. (Yoda)

These words are staying with me today because after a week of my 30-day challenge, I’m tired and out of ideas. I’ll write about writing.

Write Every Day

These words have always been with me. Try to write every day. Do write every day. I can’t wait until inspiration strikes or else I’d be writing about once a year. Most of writing is physical: sit down and work until the ideas start to flow. Get those fingers dancing on the keyboard and beat out the words until a story forms. Clickity clackity, clack clack clack. Most of it will be crap but there’s always a sentence or two that gets your heart racing and then you start again from there. Do write. There is no try.


A quote I’ve always liked goes something like…I write when I’m inspired, I just make sure I’m inspired by 9am every morning. This morning at 9am I opened my laptop to start a blog post and 5 minutes later I closed it to watch last night’s episode of Arrow on Hulu. That’s more like my writing discipline. And then, about 3pm I realize that I need to write something so I open up my laptop and immediately start checking Facebook, Twitter and TVLine. Then, about 3:30pm I finally start writing. Sometimes I put on an episode of Parks and Recreation to have some background noise. Other times I play my playlist called Thinking. I can’t say that I get inspired, it’s more like I mentioned above: write until something forms. Inspiration comes and goes, it’s the work in between that is the true test.


For me, snacking is essential to my writing time. Since I’m trying to lose weight, snacking has to be healthy. What I really want is a big bag of Doritos but now I settle for popcorn or carrots. Right now I want a large piece of chocolate cake and some french fries.


I’ve learned to accept distractions because they’re a natural part of who I am. Social media can be a time sucker. My dog dropping a toy on my keyboard and wanting to play is a wonderful distraction. And then there’s TV. These are all good and I’ve learned to limit them. I’ve found that getting the work done is more rewarding than spending hours on social media. Go figure.


As I write this post, I see a theme forming about being discipline. It’s been a hard lesson to learn over the years because I never had much of it growing up. I was allowed to quit things I didn’t like and generally got what I wanted. If I wanted to watch TV from the time I got home from school until bedtime, I could. Schoolwork could be done later or not at all or at the breakfast table. I made my own schedule, pretty much. If I didn’t feel like going to school, I could usually get out of it. I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to. Period.

As I got older, I realized this didn’t work in friendships or in trying to pursue a career. I would give up if it wasn’t easy or if I got tired of it. Of course we get bored, even with things we’re passionate about. I didn’t know that. Now, at almost 50 years old, I’m finally learning that lesson.

Today’s Hipstamatic Pic:

Yes, I know, it’s my dog again. I have a pretty dog and this picture brings out her brindle coat.



3-mile walk with my dog, elliptical and tabata class. (3 hours total)

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