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Time to Stand!

Rice University
Rice University

In May we are hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The trail is at a very high elevation, in fact we have to get there 3 days early to acclimate to the altitude. But we live in Houston which is pretty much below sea level and almost as flat as a prairie. Training for the Inca Trail trek has been a challenge to find something challenging. Yeah, we’re screwed.


We did the best we could and took a 7-mile hike around Rice University and then around Hermann Park. It came in just under 7 miles but we remembered from grade school how to round numbers up. When we were done, my Apple Watch activity app told me that I’d only done 6 minutes of exercise. Screw you Apple Watch activity app. Who am I kidding, it was a reminder that my heart rate never got high enough register strenuous activity. We didn’t even go up a small slope or climb a single step. Just flat, even, soft gravel and a dog who had to stop and sniff at almost every tree.

Half Ironman

And now I’m going to fill up this space talking about exercise because three days in and I’m already at a loss for topics of interest to me and to anyone who might be reading this blog. I’m obsessed with exercise at the moment because I really really really (does repeating count toward count?) need to lose weight or I’m at risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. I’ve cut out sugar (about 95%) and I eat healthy food but that only goes so far to losing weight. So exercise is how I plan to do it. Training to walk the Inca Trail helps but I also need another challenge and that is why I’m going to start training for a half ironman. I need big goals. Not too big or I’ll give up but slightly more achievable goals. I’ve completed five sprint triathlons so now it’s time to take it the next level. But first, I need to learn to love running.

Time to stand!

My Apple Watch just told me to stand up and walk for a minute. So I danced around the house until the haptic buzzed and told me I did it! I only need to stand up three more times today but that puts me to bed after 11:00 pm so I won’t make that goal. Funny though, since I walked 7 miles that my phone told me I need to stand up more. I know it’s more a reminder for people who sit most of the day but it sure it a nice feeling when I get that Goal Achieved haptic tick at the end of the day.

Picture of the Day

Here is today’s Hipstamatic app photo. It is my dog, Sibba, after our walk. She is enjoying the cool cement of the Cherie Flores Pavilion at Hermann Park, with a little bowl of water. At one point she just drank the water while still in that position. I was a little worried that she overdid it but as soon as we got home she started chasing squirrels in the backyard.

Tired Puppy | Irom2000 Film | Florence Lens
Tired Puppy | Irom2000 Film | Florence Lens


Um, did you read the post?


  1. Anna Julia (wrldtrvlgrl) Anna Julia (wrldtrvlgrl)

    I remember! It felt like back then we always had a topic. I put myself through this challenge because I kept waiting for inspiration to strike and it never seemed to. I feel like my posts are a little rambling but I’m writing.

  2. Last week I was thinking of all the writing prompts one could easily find back in the heyday of blogging. I never much paid them attention back then (even though I started such a meme myself and it’s now in it’s 13th year) but am now wishing that they were still around because I’m having trouble coming up with stuff to write too. Well, kind of. The stuff I want to write about is still a bit too fresh but writing about what I watched last night seems like a cop out. So I’m just looking for balance right now.

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