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The Band is Back Together

My post about death will be tomorrow because today I’m volunteering at the dog rescue shelter with the lovely sound of barking puppies who have homes to go to. So I’m too happy right now to write about my grief. I’m sure it will still be there tomorrow.

I’m also happy because the blogging band is getting back together. That band was a group of us who found each other when blogging was in its infancy. This was before social media and blogging was where we commented and connected online. I made friends. I wrote every day. And, I was part of an online community that didn’t have anything to do with a sci-fi TV show. Progress.

In the blogging community I met a lot of really smart, funny people who could write. I was training for my first half-marathon and that was the focus of my blog. I tried to stay on topic but like most blogs then we usually wrote about whatever was on our minds. As Pea mentioned in a comment on a previous post, we seemed to have an endless choice of blog post topics.

As blogs became more popular, people began to focus on one topic. People were getting book deals based on those single topics. But I’m too much of an all-over-the-place kind of person to stick to a single topic. I tried to make this blog all about travel but here I am writing about everything but travel.

And then social media happened. We all started to follow each other on Twitter and became friends through Facebook. Our status updates became our blog posts or we used the notes feature on Facebook. What use to take a few days to craft, could now be typed up in under 140 characters in just a few minutes. We all stopped blogging, with the exception of a post a two every few months or years. Had we said everything we needed to say?

Then Jules at Laurastina tagged a few of us on a Facebook post and asked if we wanted to get the blogging band back together. Turns out that, yes, we did. Slowly I began to see updates and posts and comments were back! I love comments! Not the spammy ones with horrible grammar telling me my blog is the fantastic or all the blogs. I like the ones from people who respond because of something I wrote.

I’ve covered many personal topics on the many variations of my blogs. One month all my posts were about the blossoming relationship between me and the guy who worked down the hall. I recently found those posts from that year and I laughed at the flirtations and my happiness at that moment in my life. The next month my posts were filled with grief and change. It’s real life showing out there on the blogosphere.

When I started this 30-Day challenge to write at least 500 words a day I knew there would be days I’d forget or days I wouldn’t know what to say. Some posts would be crap (most of them) but some I hope will be insightful or funny. I can’t wait to see where this takes me and I’m glad others are along for the ride.

Today’s Picture of the Day

It’s my dog Sibba again. I’m in love with her and want to capture every moment of her life. Like when she’s licking her lips.

Sibba licking her chops | Jack London
Sibba licking her chops | Jack London


I did Bodypump this morning and cycle class this evening. I’m starting to feel the 5 straight days of working out. I almost forgot to write a blog post. Now it’s time for bed!

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