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A few weeks ago my friend Claire posted a pic on Facebook of her new cooking range. I asked her what she planned to cook and from there a small recipe exchange started. I wanted to try to cook new recipes outside my comfort zone of stir fry and lasagna. To achieve this goal I had to think about what I liked to eat (stir fry and lasagna came to mind). I’m like most people and fall into a routine of eating pretty much the same meals every week but if I was going to get into the kitchen and learn to cook, I needed more compelling flavors to be the outcome.

Fontina, Pear and Caramelized Onion Galettes

Yes, it’s as scrumptious as it sounds. (recipe)

The Perfect Life

In my quest to find recipes I came across quite a few foodie blogs. The blogs are beautifully designed and the images make me feel like cooking is charming and delightful with the sprinkles of flour on the counter and the rolling pin tilted just so. The posts on these blogs are filled with happy tales of how the recipe came to be or how their perfectly adorable children helped in the kitchen and it was all so perfect.

I get it. I’m writing a foodie blog post with no recipe and bitching about the ones who write too much flowery stuff before getting to the recipe. But I’m sure I will have a point to this. I want to learn how to cook well and I want the recipes without a history of your perfect life. Because my life is it’s own challenge and I want to cook so that I can feel I’ve accomplished something. I stood in my kitchen and mixed the dough in the food processor, sauteed the onions and sliced the pears. It was a hot for a winter day and I was sweating because the oven was on and I was standing over a pan sauteeing onions. I put it all together, baked it. We ate it with a bottle of leftover white wine that had been in the refrigerator since last summer. It was all very good.

As I type this, I’m eating a dinner of Cheerios and leftover canned chili. Star Wars: A New Hope is playing in the background and my cat just made a smell that has forced me to stop breathing for a few seconds. But I’m dreaming of that galette right now because damn, it was good. After I fish out the Cheerio that went down the front of my shirt, I’ll look through my recipe box and take up another cooking challenge

Learning to Cook

Okay, now that I got that out of my system I can talk a little more about learning to cook. I want to eat healthy but also indulge in those wonderful flavors that come with cheese and bread and decadent sauces.  When I finished that galette I was so pleased with myself and it tasted so much better because I made it. So while most nights are Cheerios or frozen burritos, I hope to set aside a few nights here and there with galettes and Butternut Squash and Coconut Shrimp Soup. You can check out my recipe box here: NYT Cooking Recipe Box


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Walking Shadow | Irom200 Film | Florence Lens
Walking Shadow | Irom200 Film | Florence Lens


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