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A Fan Girl Confesses

I couldn’t sleep last night after a grueling tabata class so I played around on the Internets looking at Han and Leia sites until the battery died on my laptop. By 3am I realized that there were way more fan sites on the subject than I ever imagined. Actually, I thought I was the only fan of Han and Leia in the world because I tend to think I’m the only fan of something. Even thought logically I know that’s not true, I still get that feeling when I like a TV show or movie. Much of that reaction has to do with the fact I would hide my nerdy interests when I was growing up. Scifi or anything related wasn’t understood, and to some degree wasn’t acceptable, in my home or my small town. Sure, there were kids who were into scifi or fantasy or both but we hid it so well that we may not have known that each other existed until we were in junior high school. And when we did discover others with like minds, we kept it quietly to our circles.

Yep, it started early
Yep, it started early

Star Wars was the exception because it was such a blockbuster hit. I loved it but I was starting to get into Star Trek and Doctor Who. I was writing fanfic before I knew it was a thing (which I discovered when the Internet came along). When I went grocery shopping with my mom, I would run off to the magazine rack, searching for Starlog. I would hide it inside Tiger Beat, of course, and then devoured as many spoilers or tidbits of sci fi that I could before my mom found me and it was time to leave. Lying in bed at night thinking about Luke and Leia and Han Solo, and Captain Kirk and Spock and Doctor Who, I thought about the stories and imagined heading out to space and meeting aliens. I knew they were out there!

As I got a little older I discovered Bladerunner. It came out in theaters when I was 14. I didn’t understand much of it but it was so different from the other more polished TV shows I loved. Then I saw Indiana Jones and my crush on Harrison Ford was solidified. Still is to this day, as I write this post. When I lived in Los Angeles (that’s another fanish post waiting to be written!), my roommate had a poster of Harrison Ford promoting the Los Angeles Public Library with the word Read across the bottom. I saw that every time I came out of my room and every time I’d smile a little. I mean, Bladerunner and Star Wars and Indiana Jones. No wonder I was hooked. I hear he did other films, too?

I’m putting all this out there now because it’s only been in the past year that I’ve been open and out to the regular outside world about my high level of geekiness . Of course my close friends knew (well, some of them) and my online friends knew because I was active in Star Trek and Stargate fandom email lists. I made some of my closest friends being on those lists.

Now that I’ve been on social media for a while, I see others like me. I see that geekiness and nerdiness is acceptable and even hugely popular. I get to geek out about my TV shows and find like-minded people who are equally as detailed in their analysis of which Doctor was the best and why. (David Tennant because of the hair and the energy). So here I am world. Let’s discuss.

Like most of my fanish friends, I could go on and on about my fandoms but I’ll leave it here for now. I’ve got 22 more blog posts to write for this challenge so I’m sure there will be a complete breakdown of each Doctor, more confessions of guilty sci fi pleasures (Babylon 5) and of course a rant or two about shows that stayed on past their welcome (I’m looking at you, Stargate). So feel free to share/confess your favorite sci fi shows in the comments below. No judgements here.

Today’s Hipstamatic Image

This is a tree I pass every time I take my dog to the Willow Waterhole. It always looks so free against the clear blue sky.

Tree, Willow Waterhole
Tree, Willow Waterhole


I hiked 4.5 miles with my husband at the Memorial Hike and Bike Trails.

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