06 May

Welcome to Absolute Uncertainty


In physics, absolute uncertainty is¬†the size of the range of values in which the “true value” of the measurement probably lies (from Uncertainty Dictionary). We take measurements, try new things,¬†experiment, and work hard to make the changes in order to find our true value. And here on this blog I want to share the ups, downs, and uncertainty when trying to change your life. My life.

A little about me

While art has been part of my life since I received a Jon Gnagy art set for Christmas at 9 years old, my love of photography didn’t start until 10 years ago when I picked up a Polaroid camera and the most amazing shot came out of one click. I soon learned photography was more than luck and discovered the unexpectedness of the Holga camera and the freedom of the digital age.

I take pictures of everything and with all types of cameras. I like old, new, film, digital, phone, professional, throw away, instant – it’s all a way to express what I see in the world.

I’m a work in progress and I look forward to seeing where this creative adventure takes me.