Let it simmer, then turn it on high

It’s been nearly a year since my last post and while most people don’t read this blog, it does help me see where I’ve been over the years. Fear has kept me from doing some creative things that I love. Mostly, I listen to those voices that tell me I can’t do this. I told them to shut the fuck up, I’m working. And that I am, more scripts, more connections, more everything. Life is pretty damn awesome.

As usual, stay tuned.

07. December 2012 by anna
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Camera Art, Seattle

Sometimes RealLife gets in the way. We’ve all said this at some point when our creative pursuits get pushed aside to take care of the day-to-day responsibilities of our lives. It’s the nature of life and the goal is to take care of those important things and get back to our creative important things. One way I’ve managed to do this is to set aside a little time each week – sometimes it’s 10 minutes – to work on film and writing. Some weeks it’s the whole focus of my time while other weeks I’m happy to have that coveted 10 minutes. This has been one of those weeks, actually, one of those months. But a text from a friend reminded me to re-focus. The RL stuff is slowing down and now it’s time to put it back on its usual burner.

What do you do to keep focused on your creative projects?

27. February 2012 by anna
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Coming Soon – endless talent

Writing a script is hard work. Don’t ever take your screen writers for granted because good scripts are hard to find. I’m lucky, I’m surrounded by people with far greater talent than myself and I’m planning to use that talent and produce some wonderfully crafted scripts that a few of my friends just happened to have lying around. Stay tuned.

18. February 2012 by anna
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Aurora Picture Show’s Extremely Shorts Film Festival

Extremely Shorts Film Festival

Submission for the Aurora Picture Show’s Extremely Shorts Film Festival.

Deadline April 16-May 1


12. February 2012 by anna
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Production set for March

The script is being written, another producer is on board and now the search is on for a director. We’ve set a production date for sometime in March for a short film written by me. More info to come.

12. February 2012 by anna
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